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independent sites

Independent Poker Rooms are Brands that operate via their own custom poker software. These rooms are able to operate independently because they are the most established and distinguished brands and can support a sufficient player base by themselves through advertising, quality games, and world-class promotions.

Independent Poker Rooms To Play Online in December 2018


play pokerstars is the ultimate independent online poker room which utilizes its massive income to dominate search engines, run TV commercials all over the world, and sponsor a number of top-rated professional players to make appearances as breathing billboards for the brand. (No USA Player Support)

Party Poker

play party Party Poker is the world’s second largest online poker operator and also maintains a huge media presence. Additionally, the party gaming brand is a big player in pretty much all online gambling options such as casino, sports betting, backgammon, and online bingo. (No USA Player Support)

bodog Poker

play bodog Bodog Poker is one of the oldest active big brand poker rooms and operates its software independently. Bodog is notorious for implementing unique and very often controversial features at its room such as the recent implementation of “only anonymous” poker tables. Bodog does have a sibling brand thats specifically for American Players called Bovada Poker

Everest Poker

play everest Everest Poker is a well established independent online poker brand that is popular among many players who reside outside of the United States. Everest Poker is probably the smallest standalone poker brand in the world, although it maintains a great reputation as a quality poker room for a number of reasons.

PKR 3D Poker

play pkr PKR independently operates the one true 3D poker room brand available. If you wish to play poker online for free or real money, then pkr is where its at. US players are not accepted at at this point in time, but the rest of the world plays online poker in 3D via Poker

play poker is the newest addition to 2018‘s top-rated independent online poker sites. has been around for years as a bookmaker brand, but in late 2011, they launched a standalone poker room to service their existing customer base with opportunity to play online poker as well as offer another US supported online poker alternative to the world.

More On Independent Poker Rooms in 2018

Independent Poker Rooms (as opposed to network rooms are sites that have become big enough to sustain themselves with their own brand, advertising, and exclusive promotions. They stand alone with their own software, their own promotions, their own tournaments, and their own player economy. In contrast, many new poker brands and especially online gambling companies will often go with the solution of a network to provide a turnkey poker room solution which they can more easily offer out of the box. (eg. merge, iPoker, OnGame, Cake…)

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