Free Training For Texas Holdem Game-Play Strategy

Learning poker can be effective and fun with free online poker training. Currently their is only one site that deserves the title of “Best Free Poker Training Site.”

Free Holdem Poker Training – Learn From Your Favorite Pros In 2010

Learn Holdem Poker At the FTP Academy

In 2010 players have the ability to put down their poker books and have some fun with interactive training at the free full tilt poker academy. At the FTP Academy, players can access video instruction, entertaining pro sessions, and interactive challenges to learn basic and advanced strategic concepts in every variation and limit of texas holdem and omaha poker.

About Free Poker Training For Holdem Poker Players

Improving your holdem poker game demands fundamental knowledge of strategies and practice at the tables. At The Full Tilt Poker Academy, players can learn the game through entertaining videos and also take part in challenges that integrate with real play at the tables.

The Full Tilt Poker Academy is one of the biggest recent innovations and offerings for online poker players. No other resource allows you to learn from the world’s most recognizable pro players. Simply visit the academy, create a free account, and you will have access to quality resources that are both educational and entertaining.

Poker Books Are Still A Solid Learning Resource

This page doesn’t intend to discourage players from reading quality poker books to help improve foundational knowledge and skills for real money holdem poker games. This page simply aims to inform new players that there is now another fun and effective option for learning texas holdem and omaha poker strategies in 2010. Academic knowldge of strategy and mathematics in poker is required to be the best player you can be, no other resources can or will completely take the place of reading sound instruction and theories.

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